Fashion tips for streamlining wide hips

Published: 12th June 2009
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Wide hips are a figure flaw and women fret much from them. But as every problem has a solution, in the same way problem of wide hips can be solved. Fashion is the solution which can solve even the hardest problem related to figure including of wide hips.

Before going into deep how fashion can solve the problem of wide hips keep few things in mind that will be good for your moral boost up. Always remember everyone is not blessed with perfect figure. Most women have figure blemishes and they have to accept them as they are. But it does not mean that they cannot tone their flaws. Certainly they can. Even supermodels have to resort to tactics to hide their flaws. Similarly right clothing can easily downplay your hips. Just you need to know about dress styles that can shrink your wide hips. Below are mentioned few dress styles that help in disguising large hips to a greater extent.

Accentuate upper body

It is commonly said that in order to avoid anything it's best to take attention away from that thing. Same apply to wide hips. Accentuating upper part of the body will help largely in taking attention away from hips. This you can do so by accessorizing upper part with jewelry, embroidery, lace, detailing etc. or drape a stunning colorful silk scarf in a dramatic way or wear strapless neckline dress and so on.

Avoid detailing at bottom

Stay away from clothes having many detailing at the bottom. Excessive pockets, pleats, much work etc are few details that should be avoided.

Wear light color on top

Bright color catches attention fast. Thus wearing a bright top or attire decked with bright color on top is another most effective alternative to take attention towards topmost part and away from hips.

Dark color on bottom

It is just opposite of above point. If light color is good for playing up with wide hips, dark color is best for downplaying them. Dark colors disguises flaws, thus good to wear over wide hips. Pant or skirt or any other attire that is of light color on the top and of dark color on the bottom causes the hips to appear less prominent.

Patterns for minimizing wide hips

Patterns or designs on clothes matters most in understating large hips. Patterns like horizontal stripes, bright colored designs, small patches etc on large hips accentuate them most, thus avoid them. Better to opt for dresses having dark color designs or vertical stripes at bottom.

Appropriate dress styles

The ideal dress style for disguising large hips is A-line silhouette dress. It starts at the waist and widens towards the bottom, thus camouflaging wide hips. Empire waist dress is also good as they have flared bottom. Do not wear straight cut style dresses as they are even from top till bottom thus clings on hips giving an awkward look.

Thus it's clear that even large hips women can get streamlined figure just by outlining them with few fashion tips.

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