Learn the art of wearing saree

Published: 22nd December 2009
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Saree is an outfit which will never loose its charm amongst Indian women. Even they are becoming so captivating day by day that it is hard to eschew from them. Every Indian woman greatly desires them. Even saris are their one of the most prized possessions. It is impossible for women closet that it does not contain saree. Saree is staple attire of women's wardrobe.

Saree, a long piece of garment drapes around the body so beautifully that catches everybody's attention. It provides silhouette a very flattering appearance. Their most appealing part is that they beautify every body type. Whether you are tall, short, petite, plus size, very slim or of any other shape saree is always besides you to give you amazing look. It possesses power to bring out femininity in every woman and gives them a delicate look. It speaks volumes about women.

In India sarees are worn on large basis. There is no part of India which is not aware with saree and where they are not worn. Saree is a traditional outfit of India and is integrated in its every region, although ways of draping saree differs from region to region. It is worn in various styles in various parts of India. In whatever style it is worn but one thing is sure that saree gives women beautiful, elegant, refined, stylish, and sensuous look.

Be aware of one more thing about saree that whatever style it is worn but there are some essential pointers of wearing it which should always be kept in mind while wearing it. Also these tips are important from viewpoint of bringing out real show of the saree. Some of the pointers are mentioned below, do refer them.

As it is known to everybody that blouse and petticoat complete saree look thus they both should complement saree very well with respect to color. This tip is must to follow for refined look.

Another essential step is that saree color should perfectly match with the skin tone of women. For example, dark color sarees look good on dark complexion women. Dark green, dark blue, maroon or dark pink and so on are some of the most suitable colors for them. Similarly fair skinned women should go for pastel colors. And so on. Simply wearing any color saree can ruin your appearance.

Plus size women should stay away from large printed sarees as they make them look bigger. Small prints are good for enhancing them. On the other hand slim women look awesome in large print sarees.
With fabrics georgette or chiffon sarees are perfect for curvy women. They look slimmer in it.

Cotton, Tissue, Tusser and Organza sarees are for slim women.
Large border saris make short women look shorter. Thus stay away from them. Instead small borders add inches to them. While on tall women both border sarees look good.

Wearing sari in an appropriate manner is an art. Learn this art to look flattering and elegant. Whether going to a party or to work or to any occasion knowing this art will turn millions of heads towards you.

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